Media Relations

The Sports Information Department offers the news media assistance in covering Maryville College's intercollegiate athletics program. The Director of Sports Information makes an effort to promote the sports teams and works cooperatively with local, regional, and national media as well as with student-athletes. Student-athletes have a responsibility to the college, the coaches, and teammates to have a positive relationship with the media. The Sports Information Director is available to assist student-athletes in preparation for dealing with reporters and handling interview session.

Maryville College Media Outlets

Media Protocol


All interviews with coaches, student-athletes, and staff members must be arranged through the Office of Sports Information. After games, matches, and other athletic events, locker rooms are off-limits to members of the media. Player and coach interviews, however, may be conducted outside locker room entrances or on the playing surface after a minimal, 10-minute cooling-off period for participants. All football interviews will be upon request 15 minutes after each contest. The Head Coach will be made available. Please see the Sports Information Director for additional requests.


Practices are generally open to members of the media. Prior notice of attendance is appreciated.

Game Day Coverage and Press Passes

Any media member covering a game, match, or other contest hosted by Maryville College is asked to request a credential prior to the event. For most sports, the Office of Sports Information will provide statistical information and/or box scores as soon after each home match as possible.

Press Conferences

In the event of a press conference, the primary media covering Maryville College will be notified as far in advance as possible. To be added to the primary media list, contact the Office of Sports Information.

Game Programs, Game Notes, and Media Information

Pregame information may be obtained from the Office of Sports Information when available. If such information is not available, the Office of Sports Information will assist members of the working media in any way possible to ensure accurate reporting.


At most Maryville College Athletic events, wireless internet will be made available to members of the working media.


Any visiting radio broadcasts must reserve their seating and phone lines in advance of the covered event. While late-comers are welcome, phone lines and seating can not be guaranteed.


Any photographer covering a game, match, or other contest hosted by Maryville College is asked to request a credential prior to the event.

Credentials: Media and photographer credentials for events on the Maryville College campus may be obtained by working press, radio, and television by the MC Sports Information office. All requests should be submitted at least 24-hours prior to the event. Credentials may be picked up at the ticket desk prior to the contest.

Statistics: A full NCAA box score and play-by-play will be available in the sports information office, located in the Cooper Athletic Center, 10-minutes after the conclusion of the contest. Halftime stats will also be available at the scorer's table for basketball, soccer, and football games.

Interviews: All interviews must be arranged through the Sports Information office. Post-game interviews will take place following a 10-minute cooling-off period and will be located for all contests in the Honaker Room of the Cooper Athletic Center. To request particular players, please contact the Sports Information office in advance.