November Newsletter 2020- Maryville College Men's Basketball

Coaching Corner with Coach Placeres

Dear MC Basketball Fans,

The Scots have been back in school for the last two months and preparing for the start of this basketball season. This season may look and feel a little different, but our goals remain the same. In my second year at the helm, we will continue to work towards competing for championships and seeking growth on and off the floor. We are hoping to get some clarity regarding a basketball schedule in the upcoming weeks. From what we have been told it should start sometime in January.

Some good news to report. Sean Jones, who was on staff for the last four seasons, was named the head boys basketball coach at Kings Academy in Seymour, Tennessee. Coach Jones did a good job in his time with us and it will be no surprise seeing that happen at Kings Academy. We were able to quickly move and fill his position with Scots alum and Maryville High School standout Jeff McCord. Coach McCord's passion, commitment, and experience in knowing what it takes to grow as a player in the program and win at this level will be huge for our program. Jeff is one of the winningest MC players of all time. I am so excited to have Jeff as my right-hand man going forward.

As a staff, we have seen great growth in the first three weeks of our practice season. Our players are working extremely hard with our strength coach Jared Lawrence, putting in the work with their positional groups, and bringing a level of intensity and focus that will lead to success on the floor. We have a great blend of size, athleticism, and shooting. This will be a very fun group to watch play. Twelve of our top 15 players are underclassmen. Yes, we are still relatively young but with a TON of promise.

We have spoken a lot about team behavior this pre-season. We know that for major success to happen as a team, we have to understand Humility-Passion-Servanthood.

Humility: Realizing that at the core of our being we are not superior to anyone else or inferior to anyone else. We may have different abilities and talents, but as people, we are created in the image of God. We want to embrace growth. We want to avoid trap thinking "we have arrived". We are working daily, moment to moment. We are not finished products. Pride and arrogance will not be open to new learning.

Passion: Be passionate about the things we care about. Good juice is contagious. Do not suck the life out of a room by having bad juice. We want to intentionally commit to being consistently present. We cannot be passionate about life when our minds and our attention are someplace else rather than focused on the only time we have which is the present. We want to be where our feet are. Wherever we are or go... WE WILL BE THERE.

Servanthood: Make those around us better while looking for opportunities to serve. It is best to serve when you expect nothing in return.

We will strive to be GREAT at things that happen a great deal this season.

We are looking forward to seeing all you great alums, fans, friends, and families inside Cooper Athletic Center cheering on this talented 2020-21 team.

#RepTheM all day, every day.

Coach Placeres

20 for 20 Campaign

We just wanted to take the time and say thank you to all the alums, families, friends, and fans of the Scots for shattering our 20 for 20 goals in September. Our initial goal was to raise $10,800 and we ended up raising over $32,000 dollars. Your generous donations will allow us to do many things going forward. We have already taken advantage of it and started to use the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine. This machine rebounds shots taken by our players, but also records the performance which can be monitored by the coaching staff. We have shot over 40,000 shots on the machine in the month we have received it. This is going to help our program grow so much.

We look forward to doing this 20 for 20 event annually. You made an immediate impact on our program. Once again thank you and Go Scots.

Coach Placeres



McCord Leadership Corner: Leadership in Times of Hardship

As 2020 comes to an end, we hope that the worst of what has been a challenging year is behind us. We have been faced with a lot of questions since returning to school for the Fall Semester as a basketball program. Will we play? How many games will we play? Will we get our year of eligibility back? The questions go on and on and…

The roles and responsibilities of leaders around the world have changed dramatically over the last eight months. We have encountered unforeseen challenges and roadblocks that have drastically changed our way of thinking. The same can be said for the Maryville College Basketball program as we prepare for the 2020-21 season. As much as we would like to say nothing has changed, this season has and will be different than any season. It is going to require extraordinary leadership at every level if we intend to have a season and play as many games as we can, safely. 

Beginning my first full-time season in the middle of a pandemic has been interesting, to say the least. Our preparation is still the same. Our goals are still the same. As I think back over the past few weeks, there are three major behaviors we have had to focus on daily in order to ensure the safety of our players and staff. Being quick to Adapt, being Decisive, and being Empathetic. With every new day, there seems to be a new rule or "recommendation" for us to adhere to in all basketball-related activities. If we want to play, we must embrace the change and adapt. Our decisions must be well-thought-out and precise as our players entrust that we are making decisions that are in their best interest. As we respond to our ever-changing situation, we must be empathetic. We have to understand that our team's circumstances and distractions are different than ever before. The solutions we as coaches/leaders devise will be crucial as we continue into the 2020-21 basketball season. As leaders we recognize that this season is not going to be normal, it is not going to be ideal, but our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our student-athletes this season.

We are one month into the 2020-21 campaign and we are approaching practice as if our regular season were beginning in November. Leaders on campus, leaders of our program, and leaders on the team have been exceptional as we navigate these challenging times. Difficult decisions have been made and will continue to be made as the season progresses. We will continue to adapt to the ever-changing situation and do the best we can to provide a great, but more importantly safe experience for our student-athletes.

Go Scots!

Coach Jeff McCord

Returner Spotlight: Nicholas Clifton

As you enter your junior year what are some individual and team goals you would like to accomplish? 

An individual goal that I would like to accomplish is to average a double-double for the season. A team goal that I would like to accomplish is having a team GPA of a 3.0

What can you tell the fans out there about your experience at Maryville as a student-athlete?

My experience as a student-athlete has been amazing. I feel like I have picked the right place for the family away from home. The coaching staff, my teammates, and the members of the community have shown much love and support. 

What is your favorite movie? Favorite candy? Favorite food?

My favorite movie is Love and Basketball, my favorite candy is Almond Joy.

What is your major? What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

My major is child development with teaching licensure. Upon graduation, I plan on going to graduate school pursuing a master's degree in education administration. 

What advice do you give your incoming freshman teammates?

The best advice I give my incoming freshman teammates is to make connections with everybody you meet because a lot of times it isn't what you know it is who you know. 

Word Association game: Describe in One word the following players

Chase: Focused

JR: Facilitator 

Kevin: Floridian

Felix: Brother

Dalton: Introvert

Myles: Amiable

Jekobe: Extrovert

Brandon: Affable

Coach Creasy: Noble

Coach McCord: Charitable

Coach Placeres: Zealous

Freshman Spotlight: Jekobe Coleman

Jekobe, let the MC basketball fans know what high school you are from and what accolades you received as a student-athlete?

My name is JeKobe Coleman, a 6-1 guard Durinngfrom Fayette County High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. During my junior year, I was ranked as the No. 1 shooter in the class of 2020 region 5A and ranked second in the State in Region 5A.  During my senior year, I received 1,000 point scorer honor and  I was named Region Player Of The Year and Second Team All-State. I also played football in high school. I was Second Team All-Region and was named Super 12 in the county.

As every story is different tell the fans, why you chose Maryville?

What interests me most about Maryville College is that it is a small private college. It also has a small student/teacher ratio in which I will be able to be educated in a more personal and intimate setting. What also interests me is that Maryville provides opportunities for students from all over the world. This helps develop relationships with students that have different perspectives, religions, morals, and lifestyles of others.  It allows us to appreciate it more. Lastly, Maryville is located within four hours of my home in which my family can visit and even become involved in the community.

If you were stuck on an island and needed to get out of there what two other teammates would you choose and why?

I would choose Brandon and JR because I know Brandon always is willing to help people as well as JR. They both have been by my side since I arrived.

What is your favorite movie? Candy? Food?

Grown Ups 2, Sour Skittles, Honey Hot Wings

What NBA team are you following? Who is your favorite athlete and why?

I follow the "NBA". My favorite athlete is Damian Lillard, he is the true definition of a humble beast.

Word Association game: Describe in One word the following players

Myles: Energetic

Nick: Approachable

Kevin: Goofy

Felix: Hardworking

Dalton: Quiet

Jordan: Calm

Daryl: Polite

Brandon: Kind

Coach Kreasy: Helpful

Coach McCord: Useful

Coach Placeres: Intense